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Entry #7

Im not dead

2009-10-23 20:12:29 by luksfarris

hii dear reader,
just updating so people wont think im dead...
hmm... im kinda busy with school and stuff, so i got lots and lots of unfinished projects...

there is ocarina rythms 2.0 , or zelda rythms, i dont know yet, im working on it with
psychicpebble, he is an amazing artist !!

also, there is a kinda halo platformer i was doing for po3, but it turned out my partner disappeared...
so its unfinished... and i guess its not as important as ZR2.

also, there is a kind of Age of Empires Game, that is still on the beggining... i only made the char movement, and got the camera working..

also, there is a movie i wanted to make, but right now its just a storyboard...

oh, and there is a RPG i was making, but its kind of forgotten right know.. there might be dust on the file =]

if you need help, or wanna work with me,just PM me.

i guess thats it =]


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2010-01-02 01:24:26

im not dead mwahaha

luksfarris responds:

i thought you were hahahaha
you never replied me...


2010-06-17 20:37:18

Are you dead


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