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Im not dead

2009-10-23 20:12:29 by luksfarris

hii dear reader,
just updating so people wont think im dead...
hmm... im kinda busy with school and stuff, so i got lots and lots of unfinished projects...

there is ocarina rythms 2.0 , or zelda rythms, i dont know yet, im working on it with
psychicpebble, he is an amazing artist !!

also, there is a kinda halo platformer i was doing for po3, but it turned out my partner disappeared...
so its unfinished... and i guess its not as important as ZR2.

also, there is a kind of Age of Empires Game, that is still on the beggining... i only made the char movement, and got the camera working..

also, there is a movie i wanted to make, but right now its just a storyboard...

oh, and there is a RPG i was making, but its kind of forgotten right know.. there might be dust on the file =]

if you need help, or wanna work with me,just PM me.

i guess thats it =]

im making a game with U-Gamer And Tysuru called project incineration

while im programming and doing some animations and art, u-gamer is also doing the art and making the characters development and the plot. Tysuru is doing the music !!

well, its still very raw, but i hope i have something good by august !

CS 4 & New Game

2009-02-25 20:15:03 by luksfarris

Hi to anyone reading this...
i just got flash cs4 and now i am inspired to make a new game.
it will have a new concept that i am working on, so wait for it

with my life as busy as hell, i would expect finishing it in may, maybe earlier...
anyway, i will keep you guys informed =]

Zelda Rythms

2009-01-28 18:30:15 by luksfarris

I just uploaded my new game: Zelda rythms. I worked on this one for over 3 weeks... and unfortunatly, when i uploaded, something went wrong.. the game is out of sync. I don't know why =[
when i tested it, it would work perfectly....

well, you should play it, it is good anyway =]

Stick Teleporter

2009-01-19 15:49:52 by luksfarris

Hi !
I uploaded my stick movie, probably the first-one of a series...
and i was very happy with the feedback...

it took me days of hard work, because i drew each frame...

go watch it, and review =]

2 new games

2009-01-03 13:45:08 by luksfarris

long time no updates huh ?!
sooo I came back w/ 2 new classic games for 2009 !
one avoider and one tetris !

and some news:
I'm working on a super RPG, but it takes SOOO much time...
if you are good with:
anything else that might help me..

plzz tell me !

I'll leave you guys with this beautiful PS landscape

see ya

2 new games


2008-09-19 20:31:34 by luksfarris

hi everyone !!

after checking my profile, why don't you check my submition ? lol jk !

news for my fans ( if ive got any ):
- the alien game is complete ! check it out.
- I'm planning on making a full RPG game.
- I updated the platform sample game/tutorial, go check it out ! =]

see ya